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Potential of Kermanshah City


Why we invest in Kermanshah?

      Kermanshah has been located in the main ways of east to the west of the country; there is a relatively small distance with neighboring provinces.  In addition, it is located in the main roads of east to west of the country and northwest to the southern regions, in the main route of transit and services to Iraq and on the main route of holy shrines ('Atabat-e 'Aliat).



Climatic Attributes

        Kermanshah province due to its geographical location and being among Zagros mountains, has a diverseClimate. In so far as, Kermanshah is called the four seasons.


Demographic characteristics

      In terms of population, this province with more than 2 million populations is a demographic perspective, that the majority of its population is young people who have the best conditions, in terms of being active. Almost 72 percent of the populations 15-64 years are at the age of their activities. Only 27% of the population is under15 year and over 64 years. It means that the province has a massive power of active youth who they are needed for growth and development.


Way of communication features

     Thelength communication ways of Kermanshah province is 2796km. This province has the largest airport in the west withdisplacement capacity of nearly 960000 travelers. Kermanshah province has 12 special national and provincial projects in the road and rail transport sector. The main highway of Karbala, international airport of Kermanshah and railway are under construction. All of These roads have provided infrastructure power of the province for development of other economic sectors.


Tourism Advantages

      This province has 6 tourist areas and 14 tourist centers and more than 100 tourist spots. These capacities can be attractions for Domestic and foreign tourists. The most important tourist attractions are: Taq-e Bostan, traditional bazaar, central mosque, Niloofarspringhead, catacombs, Ganj darre historic hill, Dariush inscription,  Shah Abbasi Caravanserai, Anahita temple, Dar band springhead of Sahneh, Riijab River, Yazd Gerd castle, Abu Dojaneh tomb ,Goori Ghaleh cave, Ravansar springhead, Rijab waterfall, Hajij village and shamshir, Bazi Deraz mountain, Direh catacomb.

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Agriculture and Livestock

    The province has relatively high ability in the agricultural sector,due to the suitable environmental conditions. Appropriate diversity of climate has caused that various products are marketed at frequent times. For example: when wheat scores on thetropical regions, one or two months later, the cold regions the province, like Kangavar, submits its wheat crop. This ability has caused that one crop is submitteda few timesto the consumer market on a brief interval, in the province. The most important crops which are exported outside the province: it could be pointed to: wheat, barley, rapeseed, sugar beet, pea. This province has high capacity for different types of agricultural (farming) and animal husbandry including: turkey growers and ostrich, livestock, aquaculture production, beekeeping, gardening. Despite the favorable climatic conditions, water and suitable soil.

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Industry and Mining of the Province

      The province has rich resources of oil, natural gas, mines of bitumen, mines ofconstruction materials of decorative stone, gypsum stone, rubble stone, limestone and marl and… metal and non-metal mines of ironstone…silicon, feldspar, industrial soil and… due to appropriate population and higher educationProfessional specialists, this province has many massive workforce, experienced designers and professional experts in the fields of handmade carpet, artisan, mining, commercial. This province has also many dams, 1200 MWpower plant and its development project with capacity of 2200 MW, 30000 barrels refinery and150000 barrels under construction Anahita refinery, pipeline and distribution network of natural gas, access to ethylene gas pipeline in the west of the country, 4 border markets, Parviz Khan, shooshami, Sheykh Saleh (Azgaleh), 3 main customs, special economic zones of Islam-Abad-e Gharb and Qasr-e Shirin, also has petrochemical industry units, cement, tile, auto parts, and also has several unit in the field of production of food products such as: vegetable oil, tomato paste, processing industry units of agricultural. Kermanshah province has 16 active Industrial cities in different sectors. Furthermore, this province has several under construction industrial cities which have infrastructure services such as water, electric and gas and most of them are on the transportation route.

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Customs infrastructure - Islamic Republic of Iran Customs

         Customs organization of Islamic Republic of Iran is a governmental organization, that it is function of Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance and as Economic border guard of the country has a key role and Coordinator ininput affairs and output. Existence of two international customs in Khosravi border and border markets in Parviz Khan, Ghasr-e Shirin,in the neighborhood of Dayalleh city and shoshami market, Nosood and Shyekh Saleh market, salas-e Baba Jani, in the neighborhood of Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, are capacities of the province in the business sector. Karbala highway has caused that 48% of Iran exports are exported via Parviz Khan Border and also 150 m truck carrying goods are exported daily via Khosravi border. In addition, National projects railway Tehran – Khosravi, will causes close to khosravi border that it is supposed to be finished on Khosravi border in 2017. According to the statistics, custom and Parviz Khan Market are the biggest and The mostbulky exporter of goods to Iraq and the mostforeign exchange market of Iran after Bandar Abbas, the biggest export customs of Iran, and 48% Iran exports are exported through this Market. This market is one of the economic hubs in Iran.


Special economic zones

       Special economic zones are an unique potential for investment. Kermanshah has three special zones and one free zone, including: Islam abad-e Gharb special economic zone, Kermanshah special economic zone, Ghasr-e Shirin special economic zone and a free zone. Islam Abad-e Gharb special economic zone has 860 Hectares. all necessary provincial and national permits have been getting and right now it has benefits and conditions including: conducting comprehensive studies, executive plans and the first phase of topographic maps in an area of 150 hectares, providing packets and investment opportunities, having the right MW electricity rating,deep water wells and with 35 liters per second flow.


Scientific and medical benefits

     In Kermanshah province, there are several universities such as: Razi University, University of Medical Sciences, University of Applied Science, Azad university, Payam Noor university, in Majors and Different courses including: Associate, Bachelor, Master, PhD, has scientifically empowered the province. Also the province has several Specialized and ultra-specialized hospitals with specialist and sub-specialist medical personnel which have prepared to accept the patients of neighboring provinces and even the patients Of Iraq. Imam Ali and Imam Khomaini and Muhammad Kermanshahi hospitals, all of them are unique in the fields of heart treatment and types of cancer and burn and specialized pediatrics.



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