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مرکز خدمات سرمایه گذاری استان کرمانشاه

Chemical and polymer

Investment Opportunities in

Chemical and Polymer Field

The field subject – Industrial group Field ROW
Food hexane 1
Phosphoric acid 2
Lactic acid of whey 3
Potassium permanganate Chemical 4
Phenol 5
Methyl amines 6
Ethanol from natural gas 7
Butyl ether, ethyl methyl phenol 8
Ethylene glycol 9
Chemical Essences 10
Cellulose acetate 11
Titanium dioxide 12
Acetic anhydride 13
Maleic Anhydride 14
Butyrate (MDA) 15
Digital Printing Inks 16
D Ammonium Phosphate 17
Pesticides technical (Multifunctionaltechnology ) 18
Triple superphosphate 19
Cyclohexane 20
Tar processing downstream industries 21
Furfural from bagasse 22
furfural from pistachio green hull waste 23
Catalysts required in the oil and gas industry and petrochemical 24
Composting of municipal waste 25
Organic fertilizers from palm tree leaves waste 26
Biological fertilizer 27
Vermicompost Polymer 28
Potassium sulfate 29
Cellulose and its derivatives 30
Iodine 31
Plastic polymer alloys 32
Polyamide 6 33
Polyamide 66 34
Biodegradable Polymer 35
Ion exchange resins 36
Solid acrylic resins 37
Soild Polyester resin 38
Blue base color 39
Raw materials for electrostatic paint 40
Nano-membrane filters 41
TPE sealing tape around the glass and car fund 42
Types of tire and tube with the modern technology (Radial tires all wired,  wire belt radial tires, etc.) 43
PVC stretch film 44
Cat eye lenses (polycarbonate) 45
Laminated films for packaging (of three layers more) 46
Rubber powder from used tires with a grain size of 200 mesh up with high technologies 47
Plastic sheet with ion exchange properties 48
All kinds of water treatment membranes In the method of R.O 49
Sheets of, PVC and butadiene alloy 50
Radiographic film 51
Electrical insulating varnish 52
Poly L 53
Teflon powder 54

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