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مرکز خدمات سرمایه گذاری استان کرمانشاه

Electrical and Electronics

Investment opportunities in the field of Electrical

The Area subject- Industrial Group Field Row
EfficiencyTransformers (Only the development of existing units) 1
Hybrids solar dryer 2
Security equipment such as CCTV systems 3
Intelligent, Safety Equipment and Car alarms such as (ECU, ACU, etc.) (development of existing units) 4
Laser printer Electrical and Electronic 5
Line of LED, OLED (from production wafers) 6
Design and production systems based on NFC technology Such as sales terminals based on NFC 7
  Efficiency  Electro motors (only the development of existing units) 8
Types of distance and differential relays 9
Lithium battery 10
control equipment of road traffic and urban (Development of existing units) 11
Solar cells (from wafer manufacturing step) 12
Firewall and UTM and Other network security equipment, telecommunications 13
Optical fiber 14
Electric wheelchair 15
Waste electrical and electronic waste 16
Design and production of software, Server protection, Financial transactions and information security, anti-virus and anti-hacking, development of software and operating systems OPEN SOURCE, variety of computer games. 17
A variety of sensors 18
Electric converters (inverters) and controller (expansion of existing units) 19
Optical transmission equipment SDH (development of the) 20
Alkaline battery 22

Subject of opportunity Productive sector Dependent Productive sector Annual production capacity Minimum  land requirement (Hectare)

  Human resources requirement


Minimum capital requirements

Internal Rate of Return


Return of capital


solar power station electricity electricity 25MW 37.5 6 175*1010 8.8
Small-scale power plants electricity electricity 10MW 0.3 6 20*10 10 3

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