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Textile and cellulose

Investment priorities in the field of Textile Industry

The field subject- Industrial group Field Row
Paper pulp from agricultural waste and recycled Cellulosic 1
Newsprint paper from waste paper 2
Printing and writing paper from bagasse, imported paper pulp and waste paper (The minimum capacity of 100 tons) 3
Wallpaper 4
Thermal paper (Heat Sensitive Paper) 5
Glossy paper 6
Paper of calcium carbonate 7
Duplex cardboard from waste paper (The minimum capacity of 100 tons) 8
laminated packaging Foil (Tetra Pack) 9
Hasselt pencil 10
CPL, HPL sheets 11
Laminated parquet 12
Furniture using modern technology in production and exportable 13
Wooden double glazed windows with the rules and principles of energy management announced fromthe related organizations 14
Indigo dyeing 15
Geotextile 16
Acrylic fibers and acrylic tops 17
Carbon fiber 18
Polyester fibers 19
Sewing thread 20
Types of polymeric surgical suture 21
Thread and silk 22
Nylon and polyester filament yarn by high strength, modulus and denier Textile and Clothing 23
Types of filament and micro filament Threads 24
Delicate cotton yarn spinning 25
Yarn spinning, weaving and dyeing and finishing the fabrics in wool and worsted system 26
Yarn spinning, weaving and dyeing and printing and finishing the fabrics in cotton system 27
Weaving, dyeing and printing and finishing the knitted fabrics 28
Clothing antimicrobial Fabrics 29
Fabric of black chador 30
Textiles of Nano 31
Textile products using nanotechnology and biotechnology 32
Technical and Technical Fabrics and textile goods 33
Denim garments 34
Production ofTypes Of Garments 35
Health and medical textiles 36
Textile and leather industries are approved in terms of raw materials, having a long history of production in the country, Export potential, Existence of infrastructure and integral parts of the value chain justified and in terms of technical, economic and financial 37
Production of Nylon and polyester filament yarns with high resistance, modulus and high denier 38


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