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مرکز خدمات سرمایه گذاری استان کرمانشاه

Metals and minerals

Investment Opportunities in the field of Metals

The field subject – Industrial group Field ROW
Concentration of chromium and manganese 1
Treating sludge containing gold, silver, selenium sulfide, in the process of cropper anode 2
Processing of titanium and titanium dioxide pigments production 3
Concentrate and gold bullion 4
Polysilicon 5
Extraction of rare earth elements 6
Extraction of magnesium from dolomite. 7
Silver, cadmium and cobalt extraction of lead and zinc wastes Metals Artifacts 8
Silicon Metal 9
Ferro Manganese 10
In silico-manganese Ferro 11
Aluminum ingots 12
Copper cathode 13
Thin copper foils 14
Seamless Steel Pipes 15
Drilling pipes of oil 16
Small diameter copper pipes 17
Small diameter copper wire 18
Alloy steel wire 5.2 to 15 mm (in form of skein) 19
Aluminum foil under 9 microns 21
Aluminum wrapper 22
Special aluminum alloy sheet (deep drawing) 23
Interlined gaskets forging method (Having consumption standard  in oil, gas and petrochemicals industrials) 24
Lightweight forged parts for the railway industry 25
Types of automobiles cast iron parts (Shell car gearbox and other industrial parts related) 26
Auto connecting rod by forging method 27
Extraction and recycling refractoriness lesions 28
Fireproof fibers 29
Glass fibers 30
Basalt fibers 31
Ceramic fibers 32
Dolomite refractory bricks 33
Hydrated lime 34
Briquette from Coal waste 35
Coal concentrate 36
Activated betonies 37
Calcined dolomite 38
porcelain and ceramics colors 39
Ceramic parts with particular applications 40
Fireproof and light parts 41
Ceramic rollers 42
Industrial ceramics 43
Processing precious and semi-precious stones 44
Zeolite processing 45
Florin processing Non-metallic mineral 46
insulating materials boards (sheets) 47
Graphite Electrodes 48
Foam of glass 49
Medical tubes(Venoject) 50
Solar Glass 51
Pharmaceutical glass containers (vials) 52
Nano Glass manufacturing 53
Brick manufacturing by modern methods with reconstruction and modernization reconstruction and modernization priority (Change technology to furnaces) 54
Digital printing ink for the ceramic and tile industry 55
Ceramic balls of aluminum 56

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