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مرکز خدمات سرمایه گذاری استان کرمانشاه

Medical Equipment

Investment Opportunities in the Medical Equipment field

The Area subject- Industrial Group Field Row
Dextrose, maltose, fructose 1
Food essences 2
Production and packaging types of vegetable essences 3
Permitted food color 4
                Production of probiotic bacteria as a supplement to animal feed, poultry and aquaculture 5
     Food and pharmaceutical grade beta-carotene food supplements of   beta-carotene (soft gel) 15 mg Food 6
                                                                 Omega-3 food supplements 7
Special cold storages to tailored to regional needs and export 8
Food industry which in terms of raw materials, having a long history of production in the country, export potential and infrastructure and supplement parts of the value chain justified and in terms of technical, economic and financial are confirmed. 9
Pharmaceutical active ingredients 10
Anti-cancer drugs 12
Biotechnology drugs (recombinant polyclonal antibody Mono, peptide) 13
Thalassemia drugs 14
Recombinant insulin 15
Packaging and extraction of medicinal plants by using supercritical  fluids 16
Packaging and processing of medicinal plants 17
Types of herbal medicines Medicinal 18
Diagnostic kits 19
Radiopharmaceuticals (drugs used in diagnostic radiography, CT scanning have IR) 20
Lactose monohydrate and anhydrous lactose (pharmaceutical grade) 21
Radiopharmaceuticals (active ingredients and final product) 22
High carbon sodium and sodium perborate used in detergents 23

Investment Opportunities in Health and Medical field

Subject type of project % Of project progress Place of performance of project

 Required Investment


Necessary Explanations
Building 1500beds hospital building Kermanshah 13000 (Kermanshah Health Hub of County west)
Building Comprehensive Cancer Center of country west type 2&3 building Kermanshah 2000 Kermanshah Pole cancer treatment of country west
Comprehensive Center for Women diseases in country west building Kermanshah 4000 holder of the license issued
In between thee provinces of the region
Health city building Kermanshah 10000
student dormitory1,000 building Kermanshah 200
Cultural   comforts sport Complex and University Conference Center building Kermanshah 300
Medical tourism company building Kermanshah 50 Attracting patients from Iraq & Kurdistan
research training tourism company building Kermanshah 50 Attracting student from Iraq & Kurdistan
Welfare Service Complex &Imagingg Center Kermanshah 300,000 Next to the Food and Drug Department of Farabi hospital

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