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مرکز خدمات سرمایه گذاری استان کرمانشاه


6.1. Statutory Inspectors (Auditors)

The law requires the election, by the shareholders, of a statutory inspector and alternate inspector once a year at the ordinary general meeting. The election of more than one inspector and alternate inspector is optional. In general, the function of the inspector is to serve as a watchdog over shareholders and third parties interests and he may be prosecuted criminally for violation of his duties. Certain categories of persons such as criminals, the directors and their relatives, and persons doing business with the company are disqualified from serving in this post. Among other things, the inspector is required to submit a report of the ordinary general meeting each year.
6.2. Books of Account

Both the public and private joint stock companies are required to maintain in the Persian language the journal, ledger, inventory and copy book of merchants. These books serve as the basis for determining the company's tax liability and failure to keep them strictly in accordance with the legal requirements may result in the tax authorities making their own determination of what the company's tax liability should be.

6.3. Company Name

The law requires that the words, "Private joint stock company (Sherkat Sahami Khass)" appear with the name of a private company and that these words be displayed in a conspicuous way on all letterheads, publications and notices of the company. As a matter of practice, the Companies Registration Office requires the use of Iranian names and will refuse to register a new company name that is too similar to the name of a company already registered.


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