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Investment priorities in the field of Automotive

The Area subject- Industrial Group Field Row
Abrasion and cutting tools coated with diamond-micron and Nano -diamonds 1
The exact critical parts of alloy by using the powder metallurgy 2
Types of pumps (oil, gas, petrochemical, fire) 3
Types of machine tool CNC (automatic lathes- equipment planning system for stations CNC with the numerical control) 4
Equipment and machinery of general application (Machinery and equipment for the dairy industry by the septic method, production line machinery of Oil and industrial bread, Livestock and poultry food 5
High power wind turbines 6
Manufacture of steel castings and precision casting (casting machine, steel plant equipment) Machine Manufacturing  and equipment 7
Gas turbine parts 8
Compressors for refrigerating 9
Machinery With special usage(Including industrial water desalination plant, kinds of machinery of rubber and plastic parts, door manufacturing machines and window UPVC) 10
Rotary drilling machines 11
Air handling units (Air End) air compressors 12
Compressed air regulators 13
Control valves Control Valve, the class of 1500 for oil and gas industry 14
Machines of sections cross, ice making and calibrated stone industry (Granite and marble) 15
Pumps of group CVS (multistage pressure) oil Industry 16
Both electricity and heat generation (CHP), (DG, gas engine) 17
Equipment of generator, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen O2, H2, N2 18
Industrial turbines needed for the oil industry in capacity (1-10MW) 19
Circulating pumps of home radiator heating packages 20
Oil lobe systems, industrial and power generation turbines 21
Transmission system Transition, Condenser and Embedded in Gas and steam turbines 22
Drying systems in gas turbines 23
Injectors and injector needle 24
Production of CNG kits of the car and Other equipment and the relevant accessories 25
ABS braking system Automobile  and propulsion 26
Car air bags 27
Composite Brake shoes 28
All kinds of car Plus 29
Automatic transmission car 30
Shock Absorber with updated technology 31
Super Charge car 32
All types of bearings and roller (used in automotive and industrial applications) 33
Mining dump truck 34
Equipment, parts and assemblies used in kinds of marine vessels 35
Construction and repair of marine vessels according to available capabilities in the coastal provinces 36
Gasoline and diesel engines for light vehicles adapted to modern technology 37
Auto production Under the reputable companies brand with maximum share of domestic production and the export obligation 38
Vehicle and electric motorcycles production (As well as their main components) 39
Van vehicles (petrol and diesel) with maximum share of domestic  production 40
Multifunctional mini loaders 42
Production of multifunctional mini loaders 43
Production of Construction and mining machinery in the heavy range surplus to domestic production capacity 44
Light aircraft 45

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