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Ferrosilicon Manganese Foreign Investment Project Launched in the Presence of the Deputy Ministers of Economy and Finance and the Governor of Kermanshah on February 12

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The "Ferrosilicon Manganese" foreign investment project was launched in the western city of Islamabad in the presence of the deputies of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the governor of Kermanshah, the director general of economic affairs and finance, and a group of provincial managers.
The ceremony was attended by the Deputy Minister of Management Development of the Ministry and the Head of the Investment Organization and the Governor of Kermanshah, as well as the Director General of Economic Affairs and Finance of Kermanshah Province. This factory is the first foreign investment in the industry and mining sector of Kermanshah province. The director general of economic affairs and finance of Kermanshah province pointed out the Chinese origin of the investment at the inauguration ceremony of the project and said: 10 million Euros have been invested to build this factory. It creates direct and about 500 indirect jobs. He also introduced the Ferrosilicon Manganese project as the second foreign investment in Kermanshah province and the first investment in the industry and mining sector, adding: "This factory produces 15,000 tons of products annually, which reduces 10% of the 64% need for imports and 30 million The dollar will have currency savings. He also stated that ferrosilicon manganese is used in steel mills, and said that this product will increase the strength of steel and the country's automotive industry will also benefit from it.
Then, Heydarian pointed to the high importance of attracting foreign capital and the introduction of new technologies in the management effort of the province to boost production and job creation.

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