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Kermanshah Provincial Banks Meeting on Reducing the Rate of Interest on Bank Deposits and its Effects on the Economy

A meeting with the presence of public and private government banks in Kermanshah province about the decline in interest rates on bank deposits and its effects on the economy, at the investment services center of province 09/23/2017.

At this meeting, Bank managers expressed their views on the importance of the issue of expression and unanimously they are required to comply with the law, and they expressed their satisfaction with this policy. Mr. Jalilian, The chairman of the bank's coordination council, said: Reducing interest rates on bank deposits will reduce the cost of money for banks, and on the other hand, this will reduce the cost of production and contribute to this sector and emphasized on the strict observance of the directive by all banks.

Mr. Khalili, deputy economic of Kermanshah province department of economic affairs and finance thanking all bank managers, emphasized on the commitment to strict observance of the aforementioned directive and compliance with the law on the necessity of supporting provincial banks from manufacturing sectors of the province, in order to boost their business by reducing production costs that part of these costs are due to financial costs and facilities.

And stated: By implementation of economic policies resistance and operational plans of the twelfth government for supporting production and employment are very important. therefore all the elements of the economic system should go hand in hand to give support and cooperation and we will witness a comprehensive economic growth and development in the country.



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